The INFLUENCER PROGRAM is so much more than just getting your picture taken. Our program is focused on creating an unforgettable experience and capturing the time leading up to your senior year of high school. It's about you making friendships with our other influencer members, being a part of a community that's larger than you, finding your true beauty, helping others and creating a group that supports and encourages one another.

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applications open!!

We are launching a NEW PROGRAM to become an influencer for the Phase 12 brand! Starting this year teens from the Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, DC and Pittsburgh areas are invited to become a Phase 12 Influencer and take part in an amazing networking and photography experience.


Join others from area high schools. Through our events make connections that can last a lifetime and be a part of something unforgettable! We are our own private sister sorority! We lead our influencers to set an example amongst their peers to be strong, beautiful, kind women. 

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to leverage your personal brand...

I’ve created a guide geared specifically for your generation - teen micro influencers, so that you can learn how to do this in an organic way - that is uniquely YOU. All the influencers you see on instagram started somewhere, and you have just as much a shot at that as they did. Your generation is moving more and more into the influencer market every day. Even if you only have a few followers, you have influence. To influence technically means: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” In essence, to be a leader; to be someone that people look to for advice and guidance. This could be something as simple as what to wear and as complex as how to write the perfect college essay. The key is to first figure out what that “thing” is for YOU.

As a part of my team you will have access to this guidance.

You have the opportunity to take part in exclusive styled (themed) photo shoots only offered to our influencers. Some shoots are local and some we TRAVEL!! Our goal is to show each girl the true beauty that shines within her. We redefine and squash society pressures. Through our program the girls will focus on building unshakable confidence. I also mentor other photographers so you may be invited to model for a group of super talented photogs in the industry. You will also receive a personalized phone app to share images from each shoot you participate in. 

Lock in your senior session early with access to the best dates. Possibility to be featured nationally and in publications. Ability to earn cash and $$$ toward your senior session products.Be part of an exclusive group, we only take a select number of clients each year. Free personal phone app. Exclusive stylized photo shoots. Images for social media sharing. 

You don't need to be a professional model by any means, but you DO need to be outgoing, involved in your school, church, and/or community, and LOVE being YOURSELF and helping others! As a P12 Influencer your job is to have fun, build each other up and share in an experience you will remember forever. Totally easy! 

To be a MEMBER, you will be required to book your personal senior photo session with PHASE 12 STUDIO for the summer or fall of your senior year. You must be exclusive to the PHASE 12 STUDIO brand and cannot have senior photos done by any other studio, or promote any other photography studio while you are a member (school related sport teams, etc excluded). And why wouldn’t you want to?! The PHASE TWELVE experience is much more than just PICTURES. Our studio takes great pride in the time we invest into getting to know each member and being able to provide you with an experience of a lifetime you can look back on and always remember. It’s about celebrating who YOU are at this time in your life and creating a custom experience that allows you to SHINE. 

WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? It is up to you!! Make this program your own. The only requirements are to participate in one styled shoot, share images and book your senior session with us. Everything else is voluntary in what you choose to participate. Well, one last requirement - HAVE FUN!!

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD - If you qualify, we will be gifting one of our graduating team members with a monetary scholarship to the college of their choice.

OUTREACH SPONSORSHIP- Our studio now sponsors students in need from our community, those who would otherwise never be able to have a "senior session". We are partnering with local group homes and programs who work with our at-risk youth and your session will sponsor one of these students with their own senior session.

COVID POLICIES This year may look a little different but we are going to try and incorporate just as much fun as previous years. Due to restrictions we will be working with much smaller groups, anywhere from one on one shoots to 2-3 members at a time. Not sure if we will be able to resume the large team shoot we do annually. 

influencer perks

Styled Concept Shoots
VIP Charity/Community Events (pending covid restrictions)
 Luxe senior session
Earn Cash and Credits
Exclusive Social Media images from styled shoots
Chance to be featured in local magazine publications
Opportunity to work with brands such as FreePeople, etc.
Eligibility to travel on our Destination sessions
Chance to Win a College Scholarship

Our spots are limited and we only accept a select number of students within the Central VA and Pittsburgh PA areas. Submissions are accepted on first come first serve basis.  I do not base acceptance on looks, followers, popularity, etc. I only accept about 15 influencers each year - once the team is FULL the program is closed until the next year. Applying does not commit you - once you apply I send you all the info and then we hold a meeting with you and a parent to answer all your questions and give you all the details. This meeting is MANDATORY. 

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