You’re probably overwhelmed with all the information out there, but don’t worry; you are not alone. We are here to help! The information we will provide is meant to help you through all of your headshot photography-related questions, so you can be relaxed and excited for your big day. Here are some reasons you may need a great headshot: -your business website -resumes -comp cards and/or tear sheets -social media accounts for models & actors -newspaper articles -business cards -dating sites -personal branding -professional forums -marketing/promotions. We have spent years finding the perfect locations, poses, and lighting techniques that show off our clients naturally & beautifully. Hours and hours have been spent researching the best looks, hair & makeup tips, and wardrobe ideas that ensure a look that’s polished and professional for your headshots. Snapping a photo is easy, but directing a client and leading them confidently throughout their shoot is something entirely different. This is something we not only strive to do - we guarantee it with each and every client who graces the front of our cameras. Serving the Charlottesville and Richmond VA areas. 

Headshots have been an industry staple for models, actors, and musicians for decades; but in this digital day and age, there are even more reasons to have a professional headshot ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We believe your portrait is the doorway to your professional brand. We offer a variety of  branding SOLUTIONS, including a comprehensive brand-makeover as well as the basic professional headshot.

45min Headshot Session
1-2 outfits
Includes standard professional retouching of delivered images.
Includes (3) High resolution digital images

DELUXE: $895
(1.5) hr Headshot Session
3 outfits, various looks
Includes standard professional retouching of delivered images.
Includes (10) High resolution digital images

ELITE: $1695
(Perfect for personal branding, you want it all. You need several new looks to appeal to a variety of roles OR are in need of a serious overhaul of your personal brand.)
(3) hr Personal Branding Session
In studio or on location
4-5 outfits Includes
standard professional retouching of delivered images.
Image coaching
Includes up to (30) High resolution digital images

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