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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Kristin and I am the owner, operator, photographer behind Kristin Firewicz Studios and PHASE 12 STUDIO (my Luxe Studio for High School Seniors), a photography studio Charlottesville and Richmond, VA.

First of all, thanks for stopping by! I’m a Central Virginia and Pittsburgh PA based photographer specializing in Senior Portraits and Fine Art Portrait photography. (YEP 2 amazing studio locations). I’ve been doing the job I love since 2007 and started in film photography. photography, which I believe drives my style.

My Images are inspired by the remarkable people I photograph. My style is best described as refined with a nod toward high fashion and Fine Art. I definitely envision the photos I want to make before YOU even show up to the shoot. Understanding that quality is in the attention to detail.

Along with my creative education I have a background in business and Law and take every opportunity I can to continue my education. They say “It is the very things we think we know that keep us from learning.”  I can’t seem to feed my curiosity or thirst for knowledge fast enough. I will always welcome new ideas, personal challenges and creative concepts. I thrive on new ideas. All that said - let's chat!!

Kristin Firewicz is a high school senior photographer, family/child photographer, beauty/portrait photographer and maternity photographer who specializes in capturing women in every stage of life. Our studio offers a first-class experience for timeless pregnancy portraits, artistic motherhood photography, classic family photos, children's photography, fine art family portraits, high school senior portraits, personal branding for women, fine art children & silhouettes and classic black and white portraits.


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Kristin Firewicz is a Fine Art Portrait & Senior Portrait Photographer, serving Richmond VA, Central Virginia, and Pittsburgh PA

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