Being a VIP CLIENT is so much more than just getting your picture taken. Our is focus is to create an unforgettable experience and capturing the time through your senior year of high school. It's about you making friendships with our other VIP members, being a part of a community that's larger than you, finding your true beauty, helping others and creating a group that supports and encourages one another.

color outside the lines

accepting class of 2024


Essentially you are a client with MAJOR perks!! Clients can only gain VIP status if they sign up early, the summer before senior year, for their senior pics (which can be scheduled for anytime during their senior year). VIP status allows you to participate in extra shoots that the studio will do for marketing, earn $$ toward your senior order, qualify for the college scholarship award and get a cap/gown mini session before graduation. 

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to leverage your personal brand...

I’ve created a guide geared specifically for your generation - teen micro influencers, so that you can learn how to do this in an organic way - that is uniquely YOU. All the influencers you see on instagram started somewhere, and you have just as much a shot at that as they did. Your generation is moving more and more into the influencer market every day. Even if you only have a few followers, you have influence. To influence technically means: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” In essence, to be a leader; to be someone that people look to for advice and guidance. This could be something as simple as what to wear and as complex as how to write the perfect college essay. The key is to first figure out what that “thing” is for YOU.

Becoming a VIP client you will have access to this guidance.

You have the opportunity to take part in exclusive styled (themed) photo shoots only offered to our VIP's. Instead of having a team (like past years) I will be choosing my VIP clients for all the marketing shoots I do through the year. Some shoots are local and some we TRAVEL!! Our goal is to show you the true beauty that shines within. We redefine and squash society pressures. Through our program the girls will focus on building unshakable confidence. I also mentor other photographers so you may be invited to model for a group of super talented photogs in the industry. You will also receive a personalized phone app to share images from each shoot you participate in. Through these shoots is where I will show others the BIG difference between PHASER TWELVE and other photographers. 

Lock in your senior session early with access to the best dates. Ability to earn cash and $$$ toward your senior session products.YES you can earn $$$ for sharing your experience and bringing in any friends or referrals. (I WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO GET REFERRALS - this is all voluntary). Be part of an exclusive group, we only take a select number of clients each year. Free personal phone app. Exclusive stylized photo shoots. Images for social media sharing. 

You don't need to be a professional model. As a P12 VIP your job is to have fun, build each other up and share in an experience you will remember forever. Totally easy! 

To become a VIP, you will be required to book your personal senior photo session with PHASE 12 STUDIO for the Summer, Fall or Spring of your senior year. THATS IT!! 

WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? It is up to you!! The only requirement is your senior session with us. Everything else is voluntary in what you choose to participate. Well, one last requirement - HAVE FUN!!

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD - If you qualify, we will be gifting one of our graduating VIP's with a monetary scholarship to the college of their choice.

influencer perks

-opportunity to participate in Concept Shoots
based on what is relevant to you
-help create real content
-VIP exclusive shopping Events 
-Earn Cash and Credits
-Exclusive Social Media images
from styled Marketing shoots
-Opportunity to work with brands 
-Eligibility to travel on our Destination sessions
-Chance to Win a College Scholarship
-first dibs on the best session dates
-end of year cap/gown, college reveal shoot

Our sessions are limited and we only accept a select number of students within the Central VA and Pittsburgh PA areas. Sign ups are accepted on first come first serve basis.  Sign ups will run May 1-Aug 1. Sending your info does not commit you - once you submit I send you all the info and then we hold a meeting with you and a parent to answer all your questions and give you all the details. This meeting is MANDATORY and I do this will ALL clients, VIP or NOT. 

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